In Plain Air, (2020, New Zealand) short film featuring Pauline Bellamy, directed by Miranda Bellamy, 16 minutes.

Pauline Bellamy has been an artist for her whole life. Her enduring spirit, willingness to go her own way, and a pure love for paint have led her on a lifetime of adventures. Now over 70, with no sign of slowing down, we accompany her on a journey through the seasons in the picturesque lower South Island of Aotearoa New Zealand. From the mountains to the sea, through the snow to buffeting windstorms, nothing will get in her way. While she creates on-the-spot en plein air paintings, Pauline reflects on her person challenges, what fascinates her about painting, and five decades of work.

Miranda Bellamy is an artist and filmmaker. She has a multifaceted practice that spans many mediums including moving image. Her 2020 short film In Plain Air explores five decades of painting by her mother, Pauline Bellamy. Bellamy hails from New Zealand, where she has worked and exhibited extensively. Internationally, she has attended residencies, contributed to projects and screened films in numerous festivals.

Director, producer, camera operator: Miranda Bellamy
Camera operator, colour grading: Iain Frengley
Editor: Thomas Gleeson
Original score: Jack Northover
Audio design: Richard Wills

In Plain Air screened in seven international film festivals during 2020/21 and is featured on the Canadian streaming platform ARTS.FILM
This film was made possible through the generous support of our community. Special thanks to the City of Dunedin and the Otago Peninsula Trust.