Pauline Bellamy

Bellamy's prolific and diverse practice spans over 50 years. She has charted her own path as an artist with tenacity and spirit. Early in her career, she turned away from working in graphic design in Auckland to follow her dreams in parts more remote, relocating to the South Island. Since then she has been drawn to the mountains, plains and foothills of a landscape that continues to inspire her. Bellamy's distinctive, bold mark making captures the energy created during the moment of making. She often works on site, en plein air, and this process inspired the 2019 short biographical documentary film In Plain Air which screened in seven international film festivals. Bellamy lives and works in Dunedin's Otago Peninsula on the South Island of Aotearoa New Zealand.

Bellamys Gallery

Founded in 1994, Bellamys Gallery is our family gallery, representing work by Pauline Bellamy, Manu Berry, John Bellamy, and Miranda Bellamy. We're based in Macandrew Bay, on the beautiful Otago Peninsula, just a short 15 minute drive from Dunedin City. We're open 12-5 Wednesday to Sunday. We accept cash, eftpos and all major credit cards.


Each artwork by Pauline is unique. Currently there aren't reproductions made of any of Pauline's work, which means that when you purchase an artwork, you know it has been made with high quality, archival art materials and has been created directly by the hand of the artist.


While we do our best to keep this site up to date, we don't guarantee the availability of a piece. If you're interested in a work, please use the 'Inquire' feature, send us an email or a message on social media and we'll get back to you as soon as possible to confirm.


As each piece is unique, this is reflected in how we frame Pauline's work. Some pieces on stretched canvas aren't framed, and all works on paper are available unframed. More commonly however, most pieces you see on our site are already framed.

The prices you see on this site include a basic frame. We have a full service framing workshop and over 25 years of experience, we can very nearly frame anything! We like to keep the frames on Pauline's work simple, because that's what we feel works best, but if you have an elaborate frame in mind, please start a conversation with us. All of our frames are constructed with top quality, archival materials.


When you hear 'prints', it's easy to think of something that has come from a commercial printer / copy shop, when we refer to prints, we are instead referring to a very limited edition, hand-made, hand pressed artwork.

Pauline's preferred printmaking technique is drypoint etching, which entails scratching hard lines into a mylar plate, and then rubbing on ink with different textured brushes and fabrics to create tonal areas. This means that while there might be 5 to 10 in an edition, they will all be slightly unique.

We will endeavour to send you an image of the exact print we will be sending you to make sure it's just what you're expecting.


All prices are in NZD. We sell and ship to most international destinations.